Every business that wants to outshine its competitors needs SEO – with so many people shopping online it is very important to get properly ranked. Unfortunately, it seems that a majority of small businesses do not think it is necessary; they set up websites but do nothing to get them highly ranked. Instead, they choose to focus on traditional marketing methods which are not only expensive, they are slowly becoming ineffective. If you have been ignoring SEO, especially local SEO you are not doing your business any favors. There are several ways that focusing on local SEO will greatly improve your bottom line:


Local SEO gives you a better spot in rankings


Have you noticed how whenever you look for information online you get local results first? This is because search engines prioritize websites that focus on local SEO. If you want to give your business a chance when it comes to visibility you should put a lot of effort instead of focusing only on global SEO. Remember, the strategies to achieve them differ so you may have to revise your entire approach to search engine optimization.


Local SEO helps you target a specific demographic

Every time someone does an online search and gets local results it is highly likely that they are looking for something specific. If they type in keywords that are specific to your business (assuming that you have done keyword optimization properly) and they see you business among the first few search results there is a good chance that they will click on your link and you immediately get a lead that is ready for conversion, or even an immediate sale.


Local SEO is less competitive

When you are doing local SEO you are only looking to compete with businesses in your niche that are in your location. This is very different from competing on a global level. In fact, since you target is local it means that you are putting resources right where they are needed which makes it a very cost effective way of marketing.


Local SEO brings you closer to your community

Local SEO helps your business become more visible to your immediate community, which helps you build bonds and partnerships that are beneficial to your business. If users see your business every time they type in certain keywords they will eventually come to recognize your brand and when they need your product they will think of your business and not your competitors.


Local SEO is necessary for mobile traffic


People hardly ever sit down at a computer to search for products online. When they want to buy something they pull out their phones or tablets and search for it, and research has shown that 50% of those searches end in local stores within a day. If you ignore local SEO it ultimately means that you are losing dozens of leads a day, leads that could transform your business.


Local SEO will help build trust

It comes down, once more, to the issue of visibility. So long as searches lead to your website being in the first few results you can expect that people will become familiar with your brand and this is great because users like to do business with brands that they consider familiar. Building trust makes it easier and cheaper to convert leads – you don’t have to work very hard, if at all, to get them to buy from you.

As you can see, local SEO is something that businesses ignore at their own peril. If you are not already doing it you should find an experienced SEO company to implement a strategy right away.

Anna Gutierrez | info@sega-web-design.com

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